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Experience optimal well-being at Anayata Wellbeing Retreats, where we provide an ideal setting for achieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and balance. Our carefully crafted wellness programs are designed to assist you in detoxifying, healing, rebooting, and rejuvenating.

After successfully hosting Detox, Yoga, and Fitness retreats in Thailand for several years, we recognized the demand to expand our offerings to other destinations. Our retreats are situated in breathtaking and tranquil locations, complemented by an international team of skilled coaches, healers, and trainers.

This combination offers the perfect environment to embark on a journey towards excellent health, joy, and longevity. Embark on a transformative experience with Anayata Wellbeing Retreats – your gateway to holistic wellness and a life of vitality


Discover transformative wellness experiences curated by our founders, who, inspired by their personal healing journeys, have crafted the ideal blend of detox, yoga, fitness, and healing retreat programs. Unveil a path to holistic well-being with our thoughtfully designed offerings.


With a passion for individualized care, our wellness team is eager to craft a retreat experience that reflects your personal needs. We promise an exclusive retreat planning service whether it’s for you, a family, or a larger group.


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