About Anayata Wellbeing

Anayata Wellbeing Retreat offers the perfect locations and environment in which to attain Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual health and balance. Our wellness programs have been created to help you detox, heal, reboot and rejuvenate.

Having successfully offered Detox, Yoga and Fitness retreats in Thailand for several years, we realized a need to open up our offer to other destinations.

This journey begins on the shores of the Red Sea in the mystical land of Jordan where we offer traditional cleansing and wellness retreats within an opulent middle eastern setting.

Our retreats are located within stunning and peaceful settings which along with our international team of experienced coaches, healers and trainers, provide just the setting in which to take this journey to excellent health, joy and longevity!

The Brand Story

With everything happening around the world and our lives on a constant move, we tend to forget about ourselves, our well-being and our mind.

And the constant question is “how are we holding up?”

That’s when our 3 founders coming from very different backgrounds came together to create the best experience out there. They left the busting and stressful life of business and corporate world to combine forces. They took their different life experiences and healing journeys to create the perfect detox, yoga, fitness and healing programs.


ANAYATA isn’t just any retreat, it’s a holistic retreat,we are all about looking at you as a “whole”.

Where the goal is to balance mind, body and soul so that you are vital and can live life as your best self.

We believe everybody is different and handles life’s stresses in our own unique ways. What works for you might not really work for someone else.

That’s why we offer different approaches but with one target: getting your mind, body and spiritual wellness aligned.

It’s a journey towards health, joy and longevity with the help of our renowned experts of coaches, healers and trainers flown in from around the world to give you the result you are looking for.

Now close your eyes and imagine relaxing on a mystical virgin shore, listening to the sound of waves with birds chirping in the background, sipping your favorite detox juice after a well-deserved yoga session far from the busting noise pollution of our everyday lives.

This is ANAYATA.

Welcome to ANAYATA World.

Anayata’s Essence

Our wellness retreat is all about the various therapies, spa, meditation, and other activities that foster your well-being.

Located within stunning and peaceful settings within the tranquil healing of nature nestled in the midst of towering mountains and dazzling blue lagoons in Ayla Aqaba in order to encourage rejuvenation and calmness.

Which helps visitors maintain more positive moods and happier overall mental, emotional and physical states of wellbeing for significant periods after returning to their busy, regimented daily lives.

Anayata’s Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to inspire, create and maintain an environment that supports person’s healthy lifestyle choices.

Anayata is for a variety of people whether you are looking for a break from the busting city, feeling overwhelmed by your everyday life, in need of mind calmness,

This is the place for you.

The second you arrive you are greeted by renowned worldwide experts ready to guide you through the best journey and experience. Every day is tailor- made based on what you are looking for: a mix of mental calmness and staying fit/healthy.

We offer 4 different programs that have been designed by professionals tackling every aspect of your well-being and making sure the program is fit for who you are and what you are looking for.

Whether it is a juice detox program you are dreaming of, a weight loss program to get back in shape, a mental detox program to re-balance your mind or an online home detox to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

It is very important for us at Anayata that you get the best out of your journey and make you leave a better version of yourself. You come into our world and leave rested with your soul aligned.