A realistic home detox program that is suitable for all that have completed an Anayata Wellbeing detox retreat and wish to continue the detox journey at home.

“The natural next step on the journey to
excellent health and vitality.”

This Program includes

  • Detox Juices.
  • A full program of organic natural food supplements, intestinal cleanser and pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement.
  • Recipes For Incredible Health.
  • Enema Guidelines


  • Consultation with our wellness expert.
  • Live Yoga Sessions.
  • Live breathing Sessions.
  • Live Meditation Sessions
  • Anayata’s Detox And Wellness Journey Booklet.


Whilst this program is suitable for you regardless of your current health, age and experience, you will receive personal guidance within the program in order to make necessary adjustments to suit your needs and goals.

This comprehensive home detox program is exclusive to those of you that have already completed. An Anayata Wellbeing Retreat and is NOT a substitute for attending one of our programs. The detox at Anayata is the “kickstart” whilst this home detox program is the continuing journey of detoxification and improved health. Complete detoxification will take months, often years and becomes an ongoing journey. Our aim is to guide and support you along this journey.


Week Program


Weeks Program


Weeks Program


Weeks Program